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North Carolina System Administrators

NC*SA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to furthering the professional education of computer system administrators.

Constitution of the
North Carolina System Administrators

Article 1.   Name and purpose of the society.
  1. The name of the society is North Carolina System Administrators, hereafter called NC*SA.
  2. The purpose of NC*SA is to advance the practice of computer system administration in North Carolina and other areas.
Article 2.   Qualifications of members.
  1. The members of NC*SA should be professionally interested in the practice of computer system administration in North Carolina.
  2. NC*SA maintains a list of its members, and a means by which they may be contacted.
  3. NC*SA may impose further membership requirements, including a dues structure and a means to remove inactive members.
Article 3.   Officers and their election.
  1. There is a Steering Committee composed of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and three Members-At-Large. Steering Committee members must work or reside in North Carolina.
  2. NC*SA members elect the seven members of the Steering Committee at the November general meeting by a majority of members present at that meeting. The Steering Committee will then elect a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.
  3. Steering Committee members serve for two years, except that in the initial election three designated members are elected to one year terms, and the other four members are elected to two year terms. In subsequent elections, expiring positions on the Steering Committee are filled for two year terms.
  4. The Chair presides at Steering Committee meetings and general meetings. The Vice Chair presides in the absence of the Chair.
  5. The Treasurer receives and disburses money on behalf of NC*SA at the direction of the Steering Committee.
  6. The Secretary provides to NC*SA members a record of all the business accomplished at Steering Committee meetings and general meetings.
  7. The Steering Committee may establish other committees to further the purposes of NC*SA.
  8. An individual may be removed from office at a general meeting if the motion to remove has been announced to the membership no more than sixty days nor less than ten days prior to the meeting at which the motion is to be considered, and two thirds of those present at the meeting vote to remove the individual.
  9. Should a member of the Steering Committee vacate their office (by removal, relocation outside North Carolina, resignation or death) the Chair nominates someone to hold the office for the remainder of the term at the next general meeting. The nominee is accepted by a simple majority of those present. If the nominee is not accepted, the Chair nominates a different individual.
Article 4.   Meetings of NC*SA
  1. General meetings of the NC*SA occur several times a year, as the members see fit. A meeting must occur in November to elect new officers. Proposed actions of the Steering Committee, including ad hoc delegation of authority consistent with this constitution, must be confirmed at such meetings by a simple majority vote. The Chair or the Vice Chair presides at these meetings.
  2. The Steering Committee will designate one meeting per year as the "Annual Membership Meeting" at which a financial report and other business of importance to the membership will be presented. Each Annual Membership Meeting must occur within fifteen months of the previous Annual Membership Meeting.
  3. The Steering Committee meets as its officers see fit. Four members constitute a quorum. The Chair or the Vice Chair presides at these meetings.
  4. All meetings are conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order Revised, so far as that is consistent with this constitution and consistent with such bylaws, rules of order, and standing rules as NC*SA may adopt.
  5. Bylaws and other organizational rules are proposed to members no more than sixty days nor less than ten days before the meeting at which the bylaws are considered. A bylaw may be approved by a simple majority vote of members present.
Article 5.   How to amend the constitution.
  1. An amendment to this constitution may be proposed by the steering committee or by one-tenth of NC*SA members presented as a petition to the Secretary.
  2. The amendment is considered at a general meeting within three months of its receipt by the Secretary.
  3. The Secretary sends a notice that voting on an amendment will occur, along with the text of the proposed amendment, to every member no more than sixty days nor less than ten days before the meeting at which the amendment is considered.
  4. The amendment is adopted if two-thirds or more of the members present vote for adoption.
Article 6.   How this constitution is adopted.
  1. This constitution is adopted as the Constitution of the NC*SA if two-thirds of the attendees of the November, 1994 meeting vote affirmatively for its adoption.

Amendment I.   Ratified January 10, 2005
Section 1.
No requirement shall be made of the NC*SA Steering Committee or general membership to conduct meetings according to Robert's Rules of Order.
Section 2.
This amendment shall end suspension of the rules interfering with Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution, obtained under general consent of the Steering Committee.
Section 3.
This amendment shall take effect immediately.


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